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As you know, is 100% free.  So we've relied on the financial kindness of our supporters in order to find funding for public relations, design, advertising, etc.  This page was created to thank them.  We'd also like to thank those who've donated their time, support, and wisdom to us.  Please help grow by spreading the word to singles everywhere through social media, and if you also feel like giving, please visit our GoFundMe page.  There are different reward levels, and all of our Donors get their names on this page.  Thank you!


Here is a list of our Donors.  Thanks so much for all the support! wouldn't be here without you!

Valarie & James Algee

Chris Ambrosio

Arielle Andreano

Henry & Eva Barrial

Lou Birdt

Albert Bowen

The Brian and Danielle Show podcast

Bushnell Design

Dave Bushnell

Peri Gabriel Bresnick

Cafe Carolina

Megan Cavallari

Christopher Darga

Nellie DiSimone

Craig Doyle

Robin Tolkan-Doyle

GiGi Dubois

Michael Emanuel

Frances Kelly Emanuel

Delilah Fabian

Mandy Steckelberg Fabian

Patrick Fabian

Jennie Fahn

Jonathan Fahn

Judy Fair

Brian Fairlee

Danielle Fairlee

Ari Fox

Free The

Amanda Gold

Jason Gold

Lisa Goldberg

Michael Greco

Julie Greenlinger

Michael Giusto

Jason Hamidi

Lorenzo Hodges

Kristen Humphrey

Hungry Girl

Ian Gomez

James Hereth

Melissa Jaynes

Signe Kiesel

Christina Langrall

Camilo Lara, Jr.

Scott Lavender

Julia Lewald

Cai Li

Lisa Lillien

Robert Mahon

Alan Mandell

Stefani Mandell

Jonathan Mangum

Thomas Meaney

Melissa Meier

Peter (Duck) McDonald

Nancy Mure

Una Murphy

Richard Nikoley

Leonard Nimoy

Mona Noor

Dan O'Connor

Offsiteteam - Custom Software Development

Brian Palermo

Michele Brady Palermo


Jessica Pashkow

Melissa Peterman

Photography by Lorenzo Hodges

Project Paleo

Steve Reiss

Mellissa Schafer

Michael Schmidt

Laurie Schuber

Victoria Schultz

Schwartz Law Group

Matthew Schwartz

Gina Shaughnessy

Deb and Bert Shepley

Brian Smith

Maureen Smith

Spike Spencer

Jewel Staite

Valerie Stoneking

Ryan Strickler

Laura Summer


Surround Factory, Post Audio

Victoria Truscott

Lori Walters

Seth Walther

Jeff Weaver

Vale Weaver

Paul Weber

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